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Niall James Holohan is an Irish writer of songs, scripts, poetry, features, articles and reviews.

Starting his creative life as a musician and a singer/songwriter, Niall is a founding member of The Featured Artist Coalition who campaign for the protection of musicians' rights and in 2018, founded Black Meringue, an independent record label distributed by Di++o

As a writer, Niall has contributed to The Dublin Review Of Books, an Irish review of literature, history, arts and culture, The L.A. Review Of Books, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting and disseminating rigorous, incisive, and engaging writing on every aspect of literature, culture, and the arts, The Psychologist, the official monthly publication of The British Psychological Society, The Mental Health Innovation Network, a global community of mental health innovators - researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, service user advocates, and donors from around the world - sharing innovative resources and ideas to promote mental health and improve the lives of people with mental, neurological and substance use disorders and Dotted Music, a music industry blog.